Treatment Methods

We take a very hands on approach to our treatment.  Treatment typically involves various forms of manual therapy (massage, manipulation etc), as well as other techniques such as Dry Needling, exercise prescription, Pilates and more.  We also offer electrotherapy modalities (ultrasound, Interferential electrical stimulation).  If you have any requests or prefer a particular type of treatment, feel free to discuss with your therapist.

If you require some general maintenance, we also offer sports and remedial massage.  Massage services are available in 30, 45 and 60 minute sessions.

Care after Treatment

After your treatment it is recommended that you follow your physiotherapist's treatment plan.  Depending on your condition, you will often be given exercises to help manage the injured areas, thus helping to maintain the effects of the treatment. If you are experiencing difficulty or abnormal discomfort whilst performing your exercises, please let your physiotherapist know.

Follow-up appointments may be recommended (even if you are felling better) to maximize your recovery and minimize the risk of the injury recurring.